Friday, May 22, 2015

Gift Cards

A co-worker and pastor shared this devotional at work yesterday.

"The average American family has $300

In unused gift cards in their household

Between the years of 2007 and 2012

There was as much as $41 Billion

In gift cards that went unredeemed!

It’s one thing to be given a resource

It’s another thing to redeem it

One of the hardest parts of this job

We issue gifts of grace

Gifts of peace

Gifts of mercy every day

And so many of them go unclaimed!

I have been frustrated at times

Remembered something that happen to me

I hold doors for people – it’s one of the things I do

Insulted one year around Christmas

Lady told me thank you

And went on to tell me how she LOVED Christmas

That at Christmas people did nice stuff like this

Sharing this with a friend –

Told me – if you get one in ten to say thanks

That is as good as Jesus

Two in ten – you out perform Him

Don’t do what I do for the thanks

But started keeping track

He was right – about 1 in 10 is the average

So Jesus asked about the other nine – right?

But He didn’t lose any sleep over them

How’d He do that?

Jesus set a bar – given by God

The bar NEVER moved

Even when they didn’t thank him (blind men)

Or receive his healing (home town)

Or receive his teaching (birds have nest…)

But it wasn’t a PERSONAL rejection for Jesus

He was JUST doing the will of the One who sent Him

He knew Who He was and Who’s He was – baptism

It’s tempting for me to “lower the bar”

To run after – to negotiate with

You will NEVER find Jesus doing this

When the rich young ruler walked away –

Jesus let him

When the multitudes left –

Jesus let them

When His home town rejected Him

Jesus let them

When the crowds turned on Him

Jesus forgave them


They had NO influence over Him

They had NO control over Him

They had NO vote in what He did or didn’t do

His job – His mission – His purpose in life

Was to do the will of the One who sent Him

And when God was happy –

It didn’t matter what anybody else thought

So today, we will issue more “gift cards””

We will love the unloveable

We will speak life

We will speak the truth

We will speak the name that is above every name

That at His name –

Every knee will bow

Every tongue will confess

In heaven – on earth and below the earth

And some will never cash them in

They will put them in their pocket

They may not even be that respectful

They may throw them away

Or back at us

And we will smile and offer them another and another

At the end of the day –

We won’t be judged on who ACCEPTED our “gift cards”

But on the fact we issued them!" - Pastor Greg Spink

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