Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Digging Ditches

I've been reading in 2 Kings about the prophet Elisha and his great faith he had to serve God.  In chapter 3, it is interesting that the kings of Edom, Israel, and Judah come to Elisha as they go to fight against Moab.  Their war strategies apparently didn't go as planned and their men and animals became dehydrated before they finished their journey to fight.  

Elisha tells them to go dig ditches (in King James Version).  God is able to provide water and rain for these men. However, many times it is our duty to learn from our faith and hard work before the miracle arrives. After they dug the ditches, God filled the ditches with over flowing water to nourish the troops and their animals.  Then, they were able to defeat Moab successfully.  

Can you imagine what those kings thought of Elisha when they asked for water, and he told them to go dig ditches?  However, they did obey and through faith God provided.  What ditch are we supposed to be digging right at this moment so we too can get the nourishment we need to conquer our goal?  

2 Kings 3: 1-27


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