Thursday, August 15, 2013

Faith like Elisha

In Kings 19:14-21, Elijah goes to appoint Elisha as his predecessor.  Elisha shows amazing faith by dropping his farm work immediately, burning his plow and slaughtering his ox to give to his neighbors to eat.  He immediate leaves all he knows, all he has and all his inheritance to serve God's purpose in his life.  

Faith is so important, but how many times are we as obedient as Elisha?  We ponder our decisions.  Sometimes, we wait because we want to make sure it was God's plan.  Sometimes having faith isn't the popular among your culture or society in general. I've personally struggled with that in the past, but I don't want to now.  I want to become more faithful and open to God's plan.  Especially his calling for us and mission work.  

I've had this feeling to get rid of a lot of my stuff even before I went to the Dominican Republic.  When I returned the drive inside me to simplify my life grew even deeper.  I have to have the faith to just do it.  I make excuses that I need to have a rummage sale and give the proceeds to the orphanage in the Dominican Republic or donate it to our St. Jude's mission.  However, I just keep piling one Saturday after Saturday with activities I have to complete leaving no time for a sale.  There are Planet Aid bins all over town I could stash my clothes in.  I'm sure the other stuff could wait for a rummage sale or I could take pictures and post it online to sell.  Faith like Elisha, that is what we need. 

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