Saturday, August 3, 2013

Not A Fan

I'm reading Not A Fan by Kyle Idleman. I heard it was a great book to read after returning from a mission trip, so I made sure to buy it when I returned home from the Dominican Republic. I was so blessed by the Dominicans and the Haitian people we met and served on our mission trip. In fact, it has been a difficult transition back in the states of, "What do I do next, God?" I grew very close to God while I was down there in the DR working in this third world country. I had no access to internet, cell service, or other technology. It gave me a chance to just be quiet and listen for his word.

Now, with this book I'm reading, Idleman points out just because you have knowledge of the bible or Jesus doesn't make you a follower. In fact, it might just make you a fan. We don't want to be Jesus' fan, we want to be his follower. We want to intimately know him and grow close to him.

My runs each morning during my new St. Jude Marathon training has become an alone time with Jesus. My husband always told me he used his runs to reflect on his past day or week and the bible devotion he just read that morning before hitting the pavement. I felt it would also be a good time for me to start doing this especially as I start to build more miles into my weeks.

Meanwhile, if you have time read (Luke 7:36-50 NIV). It shows how the Pharisee Simon is a fan of Jesus but the prostitute becomes a follower. The book pointed out has Simon ignores the traditional cultural greetings of the times; when Jesus enters his house, he does not greet Jesus with a kiss or wash His feet. However, the prostitute, after realizing where Jesus was and becoming convicted of her sins, uses all the rest of her expensive perfume, her own hair, and washes Jesus's feet while kissing His feet. It reminds me a little of the reflection I felt of of the mission trip. Americans are so rich. Even the poor are rich compared to people in the DR. However, the people in the DR openly were happy and were open to hearing more about Jesus and us sharing Jesus with them.

Here is a photo of the men who work in the Sugarcane Fields. No modern farming equipment. They work with machetes.

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