Friday, February 15, 2013

Training with friends

I was asked by a mutual friend to start running with a girl who has never ran before but wanted to start training for a 5K to get in shape.  I gladly took on the project and come to find out when we started to make plans to run early in the morning, we live only a block apart!  I think God links us together with special people for special reasons. 

Kerri is quite a bit younger than I am, but since I have a couple of years of running experience at many distances, I can offer her novice training and understand some of the things she is going through as a new runner. 

We are doing a modified Hal Higdon novice 5K and she is running 3 times a week together.  The companionship she provides me helps keep me motivated to run early in the morning before work!   This has been a blessing to me and hopefully for her too. 

I pray Jesus will keep us safe on the road each morning we run and continue to bless our training and new found friendship. 

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