Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Running in the winter

Had a couple of snow days over the last week.  Winter weather sure makes it difficult to run.  However, I have tried to put some miles on the treadmill at the local YMCA, and make use of some easy runs on the wet and slushy roads with my "Cold Gear" on to keep me warm. 

I miss running every morning, however, because of my triathlon training, I need to make use of training on my bike a lot more.  The snow looked to wet to run in yesterday, so when they called off school yesterday, I hopped on my bike that sits on our trainer for the winter and biked 15 miles while rewatching the awesome KU vs. Iowa State game.  The game was intense which helped me to keep my cadence up for an hour.  I thought about going to the YMCA pool to get in some laps, but being home all day felt good.  Sometimes we just have to take a break!

How do you train in the winter weather? 

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